Examples of Instructional Cues: Rhymes

Aerobic always gets you there, anaerobic runs out of air.

Always be ready so play is steady.

Before you win you must begin.

Believe to achieve.

Call for the ball and it won't fall.

Chest to chest, or bounce is best. (basketball passing)

Do not be a clown; get your glove down. (baseball fielding)

Do not be a clown; keep your head down. (golf swing)

Do not stand in no man's land. (tennis, neither up nor back)

Get off your seat and move your feet.

Hustle your muscles.

If you don't want an 'E', bend your knees. (baseball fielding)

If you're on a mission, be in ready postition.

If you're on the attack, don't go back. ("over & back", basketball)

If you're slappin', it ain't happenin'. (volleyball setting)

Lift your eyes and miss the prize. (golf swing)

No pain, no gain. (sometimes yes [football]; sometimes no [stretching])

Pop up, fingers up; on the ground, fingers down. (baseball fielding)

To pick up the pace kick with the lace. (soccer instep kick)

Stay on your toes, or away the ball goes. (tennis footwork)

When in doubt it's never out.

You drive for show and putt for dough.(role of putting in golf)

Instructional cues