SCAMPER Framework for Creative Thinking

When students have been introduced to the ideas behind brainstorming, Eberle's SCAMPER framework provides a structure for brainstorming in particular ways. The framework is outlined below, along with generic and movement examples. Note that options are not always mutually exclusive. For instance, in a generic example, using a towel as a fly swatter is both "putting it to another use" and also using it as a "substitute." Likewise, in a movement example such as playing football in the rain, using smaller steps is both "adapting" and "minifying."



What else instead? Who else instead? Other ingredients? Other material? Other time? Other place?


How about a blend? Combine purposes? Combine materials?


What else is like this? What other idea does this suggest? How can I adjust to these circumstances?

Modify / Minify / Magnify

Modify: Different order, form, shape?

Minify: What to make smaller? Slower? Lighter? What to do with less frequency?

Magnify: What to make higher? Longer? Thicker? What to do with greater frequency?

Put to other uses

New ways to use as is? Other uses I modified? Other places to use an item or movement?


What to remove? Omit? Understate?

Rearrange / Reverse

Rearrange: Other layout? Other sequence? Transpose cause and effect? Transpose positive and negative? How about opposites?

Reverse: Interchange components? Other pattern? Backwards? Upside down?


SCAMPER Idea Generic Example Movement Example
Vegetarian hot dogs
Flop instead of roll over high jump bar
Musical greeting cards
Biathalon / Triathalon
Snow tires
Playing football in the rain
Scented crayons
Aluminum baseball bats
Super-sized french fries
Larger tennis rackets
Bite-sized snicker bars
Shortening spiking approach
Put to other use
Towel as fly swatter
Tires as floor obstacles
Cordless telephone
Balancing while blind-folded
Vertical stapler
Sequencing tumbling routine differently
Reversable clothing
Shooting reverse lay-up

Application Exercises

Return to "creative movement" for activities that apply the SCAMPER ideas. Select either "objectify" or "old object/new use."

© Steven A. Henkel, 12/02

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