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Republican Period Painting

The Artist in his Museum

Charles Wilson Peale, 1822
Exhuming the Mastadon

Charles Wilson Peale, 1806
Portrait of Benjamin Franklin

Charles Wilson Peale, 1787
Portait of George Washington

Charles Wilson Peale, 1780s
Mrs. Richard Yates

Gilbert Stuart, 1793
Mrs. Perez Morton

Gilbert Stuart, 1802
Portait of George Washington, Athenaeum Portrait

Gilbert Stuart, 1796
Washington Crossing the Delaware

Thomas Sully, 1819
Washington Crossing the Delaware

Emanuel Leutze, 1851
Portait of George Washington

Rembrant Peale, 1823
Portait of George Washington

Horatio Greenough, 1833
William Penn's Peace Treaty with the Indians

Benjamin West, 1783
Death of General Wolfe

Benjamin West, 1770
Signing the Declaration of Independence

John Trumbull, 1786-87
The Death of General Warren at Bunker Hill

John Trumbull, 1786
Elijah in the Desert

Washington Allston, 1818
Death of Jane McCrea

John Vanderlyn, 1804
Ariadne Asleep on the Island of Nexos

John Vanderlyn, 1812
View of Niagra Falls

John Vanderlyn, 1827
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