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Bob at home Computers, conservation, contemplation, and commercial fishing have been important components of my development.  Bob's Home The suburban environment is a difficult place for an ecologist and environmentalist. Choices we make as homeowners can minimize the impact of such environments.

Active Learning Classroom and Laboratory Design

Active Learning Classroom
hanging a net Hanging a new gillnet or picking fish out of the nets off of Chisik Island are parts of a summer career as a fisher that I started while in high school and continued until 2007.I have also carried out studies of age distributions of Crescent River salmon via scale ring analysis, identified plant populations, and monitored red-backed vole populations among other research during these summer seasons. fishing on Chisik
Industrial Landscape  Landscapes, whether urban or more natural, like the contrast between a net-rack on Chisik Island and an industrial park in Shoreview, can both be sustainable and aesthetic. Net Rack Chisik Island
I have three children, but this is a "historical view". Family Bald Eagle
Chisik Island is a part of the
Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge
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