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Dr. David Howard Jr

Professor of Old Testament
SEM A209







David Howard grew up in Costa Rica (five years) and Colombia (nine years), fluent in English and Spanish. In Colombia, his family lived in Cartagena, a lovely coastal city on the Caribbean. It is a walled city, dating back to the 1500's, and its history is rich with stories of pirates, sieges, treasure, and naval battles. It has the largest fort in the Western Hemisphere. You can explore this city at the following links ( and ).  His parents were missionaries with the Latin America Mission. His spiritual commitments were developed at an early age under their godly influence. His mother died in 2003, and you can read about her and some of his reflections on her life and death by clicking here.

He attended high schools in Colombia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. His college degree is from Geneva College (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania), and his graduate degrees are from Wheaton College (Wheaton, Illinois) and The University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan).

Dr. Howard met his wife Jan at Wheaton College Graduate School and they were married in 1979. They have two daughters ("lovely daughters," he says!), born in Minnesota: Christina (b. 1985) and Melody (b. 1989). Jan is from Ohio, an Ohio State University and Wheaton College graduate, and an avid OSU football fan. He is an avid Michigan football fan (favored bumper sticker: OHOWIHATE.OHIO STATE!). Together, they are avid Big Ten fans.

He ran cross country and track in high school (varsity), and wrestled (junior varsity). In college, he played varsity soccer four years.

Howard's avocations include:

  • Reading-mostly long novels (i.e., one that will take several months to read), including historical novels, courtroom dramas, and historical nonfiction.
  • Attending live theater
  • Distance running (including marathons)
  • Listening to music-including Irish/Celtic, Cajun, Dixieland jazz, acoustic guitar, "progressive" rock, classic Christian hymns (but not "gospel"!), contemporary Christian praise choruses, and classical (mainly from the Baroque and Classical periods, as well as Beethoven)
  • Hiking, backpacking, and canoeing (mostly in an earlier period of life)

In his "next life," Howard would like to be a gourmet chef (the result of living for three years in New Orleans, one of the world's finest "dining" cities) or a used bookstore owner (the result of spending too much time and money he usually doesn't have in such bookstores).



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