Examples of Consequences for Selected Situations *

Situation 1: Susan got a drink after the ball game and spit water on a classmate.

Logical consequences

Wipe up the water

Lose drink privileges for a time

Launder classmates uniform at home

Artificial consequence

Susan writes, "I will not spit water" 100 times

Natural consequence

Susan slips on the wet floor and bruises her knee

Situation 2: After receiving a warning, Bobby continues to dribble the ball while the teacher is talking.

Logical consequences

The teacher removes the ball for a time.

Write a paper on the relationship between listening and showing respect

Artificial consequence

Bobby runs 5 laps

Natural consequence

Bobby does not hear the directions, and does not know how to complete the next activity

Situation 3: Dan forgot his swimsuit on the day students were practicing strokes for the test.

Logical consequence

Complete an aerobic workout walking stairs in the pool balcony

Artificial consequence

Receive detention to stay after school

Natural consequence

Poor test performance due to lack of practice

* Responses here refer to possible examples of each type of consequence, irrespective of which consequence is actually preferred. Explanation of types of consequences, and criteria for selecting consequences, may be accessed on other webpages acessed below.

Types of consequences

Criteria for selecting consequences

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