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ENS305K: Transforming Technology Environmental Perspectives

Welcome to ENS305K!

  • What is an online course? 
    An online course meets in the virtual environment of the web.  In this virtual environment you will be doing what you normally do in a class; reading, watching videos, reading/watching/listening to lectures, participating in small and whole class discussions, taking exams, etc.
  • When does the class meet?
    The class does NOT have a specific meeting time under most circumstances. You may have to arrange a time to physically meet with a group if you wish for group work, but you may also be able to meet online.  However, most of your work will be done online and most or all of your interactions with the instructor and your fellow students will be in the online environment and also will mostly be asychronous (the class will not all meet at one time - although there may be exceptions if needed or again if small groups wish to physically meet).
  • What is the structure of the class?
    The class will be structured in one - two week modules with specific due dates similar to a normal face-to-face class.
  • My schedule is full.  Does the course take less time or effort than a face-to-face class? 
    An online class may actually take more work on your part because you are working online, reading more, participating in online discussions, or watching online media or "lecturettes".  The amount of time required overall is about the same as a face-to-face class, but of course you do not spend any "physical" time in a classroom.  The advantage is that you can schedule when you work on the class rather than a scheduled class time.
  • What tools will the course use?
    Most of the course is in Moodle and we will use streaming video, podcasts, vodcasts, online discussions, group work, etc.

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Syllabus  [ preliminary version ]

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