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Roles at Bethel University

  • Helping faculty effectively use technology to help students learn both in and outside of the classroom. 
  • Serving as an advocate for technology support and initiatives for the campus academic community.
  • Serving as an a classroom design consultant to enhance learner centered sustainable design
  • Serving as an ecological advocate for Bethel's natural environments and for sustainable campus initiatives

    • Instructional Technologist
    • Adjunct Professor College of Arts & Sciences

Brief Biography

I joined Bethel University as an Assistant Professor of Biology in Fall 1986 and progressed up to Professor of Biology, playing key roles along the way in developing the Environmental Studies program and in the development of sustainability awareness at Bethel University.  In  June 2001, I took a position as Bethel's first full time Faculty Instructional Technology  Consultant. I am an Ecologist by training, but throughout my academic career I was always at the forefront of technology.  During my M.S. work at Purdue University, I worked on insect population ecology and during the analysis of my data I spent lots of time in the basement of the Math building punching and processing data cards using a CDC6500 mainframe as well as doing computer modelling using a PDP1170. During my doctoral work in systems ecology at Northern Arizona University, I completed my entire dissertation using the campus mainframe and was the first graduate student to print their disseration using a computer. When I joined the Biology Department at Bethel, I first started programming an Apple II to do some basic simulations, then progressed to developing a physiology acquistion system using National Instruments LabView and Apple Macintosh computers. I consider myself a technology intuitive and work extensively with a diversity of current and emerging learning technologies.  In Fall 2003 I pioneered a graduate course in online teaching (COMM722 Effective Teaching Online) taught fully in the online environment and then in Spring 2007 taught Bethel's first fully online undergraduate general education science, technology, and society course (ENS305K: Transforming Technology). During the summer of 2012, I developed and taught Bethel's first fully online lab science course, ENS102D Environment and Humanity.

Faculty and Student Learning Technology Assistance

  • Stop by the TLT desk in the University Library from 10am-5pm M-Th, 10am-3pm Friday for a one- on-one session, to ask a question, or get assistance with any teaching or learning technology.


Educational Background


Current & Upcoming Courses

  • ENS205L Sustainable Living (Spring 2017 - f2f)
  • ENS498 Seminar in Envirionmental Studies (Spring 2017 - f2f)
  • ENS305K Transforming Technology (Spring 2018 - online)
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