Bethel College, Spring 2003

Personality: PSY305G (sec.1)

Week 7


Henry Murray's legacy

1. The Henry A. Murray Research Center

In the tradition started by Henry Murray's personology is the Murray Research Center at Radcliffe which defines itself as follows: "Dedicated to the study of lives over time, the Henry A. Murray Research Center promotes the use of existing social science data to explore human development in the context of social change."
This center holds many longitudinal studies, and includes not only quantitative data, but also qualitative materials such as case histories, open-ended interviews, and audio- and video tapes.

Take a tour of the center."
Go to the data archive and look at what is there. What is the usefulness of such a thing?

2. The Thematic Apperception test and some derived instruments

(Note: only the TAT is Murray's and Morgan's, the others are created by others, along the same lines)

A short biography of Christina Morgan who played an important role in the construction of the TAT
Basic assumption of this kind of test:
* The client identifies with the protagonist (main character) in the picture and thus client's concerns, hopes, fears, conflicts and desires are reflected in the way the client describes what is going on with this character.
*According to Murray, our behavior is given direction by what he calls themas or themes, which combine internal needs (either of biological origin or psychogenic) with environmental demands which he calls press. The dynamics currently on-going in our lives are reflected in the stories we construct.


The Blacky PicturesTest (1950) for use with children
(used Blacky the dog and his family and friends)

TEMAS: (Tell-me-a-story)-- normed for children 5-13 years of age
There are two parallel versions of the pictures.  The minority version consists of pictures featuring predominantly Hispanic and African-American characters in urban environments.  The nonminority version consists of corresponding pictures of predominantly White characters in urban environments.  The personality functions depicted in both sets encompass identical themes. 

The SAGAs (self-administered Global Apperception Scales): online TAT-type tests. Here is an additional article on this. What do you think of this?

Now that you know a bit more about those tests, what do you think of the value of those kinds of projective tests? Post your reflections on the "Murray--Projective Tests" forum on the Discussi0on Board Button