Ernest Fowler Story


On August 3, 1966, Ernest Fowler, an American missionary to Colombia, was murdered in cold blood by a band of "guerrilleros" in a remote mountain region in northeastern Colombia, where he was working to bring the Gospel to the Yukpa (a.k.a. “Motilón”) Indians. David Howard was present at the time of the murder.


The earlier materials on this page tell the story of Ernest's life and death and their impact on Howard’s life.  The later materials tell of the encouraging news of a renewed ministry among the Yukpa, after a 30-year interruption.  (The later materials are used with permission from the Latin America Mission, whose ministries can be accessed at 


Report to the Latin America Mission on the Death of Ernest Fowler (August 10, 1966)

David Howard, Sr., submitted this report to the Latin America Mission, in his capacity as Assistant General Director of the Mission, with responsibility for all the Mission's work in Colombia.

David Howard's letter to a friend (September 15, 1966)

Faithful unto Death (A Sermon on Ernest Fowler's faithfulness, August 26, 1994)

Remembering Ernie Fowler (LAM Evangelist, March 1997)

The Latin America Evangelist, the Latin America Mission's official publication, devoted its cover story in its first issue of 1997 to marking the 30-year anniversary of Ernest Fowler's death (August 1966).  Ernest Fowler remains the only LAM missionary martyred for his faith. 

Ernest Fowler Update - (LAM Evangelist, March 2001)

The work among the Yukpa Indians ceased after the death of Ernest Fowler, and his death seemed in vain.  The 1997 Evangelist story remembering his life and ministry proved to be the catalyst for a remarkable, renewed ministry among the Yukpa tribes.  This story of this work appears in this 2001 article from the Evangelist

"Not in Vain: Reaching the Yukpas for the Lord" (book excerpt, 2003)

Kenneth MacHarg, missionary journalist for the LAM, and David Howard, Sr., collaborated on this book, which tells the fuller story of the work with the Yukpa tribes, from its inception with Ernest Fowler and two other missionaries in the 1940s to the renewed ministry today, under a young Colombian missionary.
The posting here is from the book's first chapter, and is used by permission.  The book may be ordered from the Latin America Mission, at